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Welcome to Rakowski Recycling (Wood Recycling) located at 1229 Redonda St in the North East corner of the city at the end of Springfield Rd.

At the wood recycling plant we process construction and demolition waste wood into materials suitable for boiler fuel (biomass) and landscape mulch, including Coloured Landscape Mulch. The waste wood we receive at the recycle plant is accepted provided the material meets the following criteria:

what is accepted:

  • Framing material, plywood, pallets, cut off’s, decks, fences, mouldings, forming material
  • Nails, screws, bolts and other small metal fasteners attached to the wood is acceptable
  • Size of the waste wood material doesn’t matter provided the transporter can safely unload the material

what is not accepted:

  • Trees, brush and yard waste is not accepted
  • The wood waste must be clean and free of hazardous materials
  • Garbage, plastic, drywall, and other debris is not accepted
  • Stained and painted wood
  • Wood with weather stripping, laminates and excess debris attached is not accepted
  • MDF and particle board is not accepted

who is accepted:

  • Commercial /Industrial wood waste generators and haulers
  • The General Public are limited to a designated drop off area and tipping fees will apply.

our pricing:

  • General Public and Commercial / Industrial can drop off clean wood material at 1229 Redonda for $40 per tonne, if there is contamination in the wood, additional charges will apply. Please call for details.


  • Commercial / Industrial biomass fuel consumers ( please contact )
  • Residential / Commercial applications $50/ton

hours of operation

Rakowski Recycling
1229 Redonda St.
Winnipeg, MB, R2C 2Z2
Phone: 204-222-6339



Monday – Friday
7:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday – Sunday

bin service

If you are a commercial producer of clean waste wood we can provide you with our container service. We have roll off style bins ranging from 10 cubic yards to 70 cubic yards. Regularly scheduled pickups can be arranged or pickup on an as needed basis can be arranged. Please contact our office for details.

dyed wood mulch

Dyed Wood Mulch is available and refer to colored landscape mulch sheet. Please call for details and orders.


Rakowski Recycling
454 Archibald St.
Winnipeg MB R2J 0X5
Phone: 204-231-4050

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concrete & wood

Rakowski Recycling
1229 Redonda St.
Winnipeg, MB, R2C 2Z2

Phone: 204-222-6339

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