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Material Recycling

Rakowski Cartage & Wrecking is committed to solid waste reduction and sustainable site development. We're meeting the demand for green-focused demolition by offering a wide range of recycling and hazardous waste removal services that protect the environment and help clients achieve LEED benchmarks.

Our two licensed recycling facilities handles 95 per cent of our company's waste materials, including wood, concrete and steel. We may also utilize an on-site mobile crusher to expedite the shipping of materials.

Visit our two licensed recycling facilities located at 1227 Redonda St. Winnipeg, Manitoba & 454 Archibald St. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our Mobile Recycling Services Include:

  • Concrete processing, crushing and screening
  • Metal recycling and processing
  • C&D material separation and screening
  • Equipment and asset recovery

Contact us today at 1-877-233-0402 to find out more about our mobile recycling services.

Our facility offers the following services:

  • Concrete Recycling and screening
  • Metal Recycling and Processing
  • C/D Waste Sorting and Screening
  • Bio-MassFuel Production, Wood Chipping and Screening
  • Building Materials and Equipment Recovery, Storage and Sales