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Controlled Blasting and Building Implosions

We provide consulting services to contractors or supply complete, start-to-finish implosions. We work closely with consulting engineers to perform pre-blast surveys and seismic monitoring.

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Rakowski Cartage & Wrecking has been safely using explosives to implode buildings since 1977. We draw on a highly experienced team of blasters and engineers to execute zero-incident controlled blasting implosions. Our company is fully bonded and insured and committed to working with clients, adjacent property owners, governments, and local community organizations to perform safe and successful blasts.

We have experience working with a vast array of structures, including concrete, steel and wood buildings, smokestacks, bridges, communication towers and silos.

Our Controlled Blasting Services Include:

  • Pre-Blast Consulting
  • Engineered Planning
  • Blast Design
  • Drilling Services
  • Steel Structure Preparation
  • Ground Vibration Monitoring
  • Air Blast Monitoring
  • Pre and Post-Blast Surveys

For more information about our controlled blasting services, contact us at 1-877-233-0402.